The Senior Experience!

Come be a part of the Senior Experience at Dreamweaver Artists!

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Your School Contract Photographer’s Little Secret…

Did you know that you don’t HAVE to use your school’s photographer for your senior portraits? You DON’T. You may have to use them for your yearbook picture, but not for your unique senior portrait session. That’s where WE come in. Our senior sessions are fun, exciting, and definitely something to talk about. 

What is the Senior Experience?

Bring your outfits, your sports equipment, your musical instruments, your bike, motorcycle, car, airplane, or whatever else you would like in your senior portraits. If you have dogs or other small pets, they are definitely welcome in the studio. If you have horses or large pets, we love to do on-location shots with them.

AND…  Every session gets FREE facebook images of any image you purchase.

Click here to fill out this form or call 901-825-8072 TODAY to book your no-obligation senior portrait consultation, where we get to know you and you can learn more about us, before committing to us as your photographer. At this consultation, you are not required to purchase anything at all – it is just a time for us to discuss what we can do and for you to decide if you like us.