For all clients, we desire to have a no-obligation free consultation session at which we can show you all we offer, and as well get to know you and what your goals are for your new artwork. Of course, if we cannot arrange this, we hold phone consultations as well.

After reading this, you may ask, “Don’t you take quick sessions or walk-in’s?” No, we do not. We are not an inexpensive photographer, and for you to receive the greatest value for what you will spend with us, we all have to be on the same page as to your goals. We will never compete with the Sears/Penneys/Walmart photo booths that are in those stores. If you are happy with a quick 30 minute session, please go there and they will provide you good service to match, most likely. If you want a unique and custom personalized experience and fully retouched images that bring out the best in you, come to us.

Reservation Fee

Once this consultation is complete, to reserve a studio session is $50, an outdoor session is $75, and a combined session is $100. This reservation fee is non-refundable, but can be transferred to another date or time with 3 days notice. Of course, in case of an emergency or illness, we will work with you on rescheduling with no penalty. The reservation fee is needed at the time we book your date for the portrait session.

We take checks, credit cards, and, of course, cash.

Viewing and Ordering

After your portrait session, we will schedule a viewing and ordering session. This is the time when you come to the studio to view and select your favorite images and place your order for prints or canvases, frames, and albums. It is important to have all decision-makers at this meeting. If all decision-makers cannot make the scheduled date and time, we will reschedule to a convenient time for all.

Minimum Purchase

We have a minimum purchase on all regular sessions of $375 (special sessions such as the ImageTotes sessions and the baby and toddler plans don’t have minimum purchase requirements). This is in addition to the Reservation Fee.

Half of this minimum purchase or half of your order (whichever is higher) is due before we place an order with our labs. We have payment plans available which can be tailored to specific needs. Payment in full is required before you pick up your order. Keep in mind our 100% satisfaction guarantee – if you don’t like your images, return them to us and we will refund your payment!

See the ImageTotes page for details on pricing. The baby and toddler plans are $299, which includes 4 sessions and an 8×32 framed collage.

About Particular Prices

There are so many options available with our images in any given size, providing a specific price online would be very confusing for you, and not feasible for us. However, below you will find some examples of our 2011 prices (subject to change due to market conditions), which will hopefully give you enough information to decide if we are the photographer for you.

Our pricing is competitive with other fine professional photographers in this area. For instance, a 20×24 gallery wrap or framed print which would look great over an upholstered chair starts at $360. A canvas cluster (multiple small canvases) that would look great over a small sofa starts at $1,100.

Our 10×10 bound printed books start at $324, and our fine art albums of the same size start at $795. Custom printed cards (for Christmas or Graduation) are approximately $3.50 each, purchased in multiples of 25 cards.

Digital Files

High-resolution digital images are $100 each. Upon request, we provide web-sized images of any image where prints, albums, or cards are purchased as well. These web-sized images are watermarked with our logo.