Ponderosa Bible Camp Mission Trip – May 13-16, 2010

Here is a video of the mission trip.

It is quite large, and if it stops and starts on you a lot, you MAY need to push the play button, and then hit pause. Wait until the grey progress bar at the bottom of the video is about halfway across, and then push the play button again. This will queue up enough of the video that it won’t stop and start on you.

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If for some reason you have trouble with it, here is a youtube version.

Youtube Ponderosa Bible Camp Video

AND here are some regular old pictures of the work done. They are construction pictures from May 13-16, followed by the older reconnaisance trip pictures from two weeks earlier. The construction pictures are the first 16.

From the Reconnaisance Trip:

Ponderosa Bible Camp is about 5 miles from Mentone, AL, which is 5.5 hours away from here, out Highway 72.

Here are a couple of outdoor panoramic images we took while there:

Here is one of the kitchen area in the dining hall (the leftmost building in the top picture above), which is about 20×20 feet. In this area, we will be doing cleaning, polishing floors, and painting the cabinets.

Fun Facts

  • Cell phone reception at the camp is touch-and-go. Verizon seems ok, but AT&T is not as good.

  • Mentone is somewhat of a tourist town, with craft and antique stores.

  • There is a small river you can take a path to, with canoes available.