See Our Retouching

Part of our goal at Dreamweaver Artists is to make you feel great about yourself and the images we create for you. This involves learning about you and what your interests are, in addition to the basics such as great posing and lighting of your portraits.

Once we’ve gotten the images, we then process and retouch them with great care. We do not “over-do” our retouching, but we do take off distracting blemishes and minimize wrinkles and smile lines. After all, you’ve spent years acquring all that “character” in your face, and we do not like to take it all away completely.

Below is an example of our retouching approach, with the before and after. We can do more, or less, depending on your wishes. If you have specific requests, please tell us before your session. Intensive retouching (such as removing braces) incurs an additional charge which will be provided when we know how many images are involved at your viewing and purchasing session.

You will need flash player too see the before / after gallery!