The Weaver’s Barn Party 2012

When: November 3, from 4pm to whenever folks leave…

Where: The Weaver’s Property, 1765 Lakeview, Fisherville, TN

The annual barn party is hosted by the Weaver’s inviting their friends and family, along with Eddie Higginbotham’s, Mike Crouch’s, and Darrell Nephew’s Bible Fellowship classes from Bellevue.

Bring your dish to contribute to the potluck! This is a kid-friendly and kid-encouraged event!

Hayrides, Bonfire, Food, and Great Friends!

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News as of Friday, November 2


If you use a GPS to find us, it will actually take you to the other side of our lake.  No matter, just keep driving around the lake and you can’t miss the party.  There’ll be signs directing you as well.

Here are some little reminders…

  • Bring flashlights for your family. And LAWN CHAIRS (very important if you want to sit down anywhere except the grass). And blankets for the hayrides…
  • We *do* have a bathroom in the barn.
  • When you arrive, remember that Long Term Parking is in the back (if you’re staying at least until 9:30 or so), and Short Term Parking is in the front acre and along the road.  Just in case someone needs them, there will be a handicap spot right by the barn.  There will be signs designating this Handicap Parking as well as directing you to Long Term Parking.
  • We will ask for volunteers to help with and some coordination restocking tasks – THANK YOU to those who will sign up to help.  Even if you didn’t sign up, and you see that something needs to be restocked, please feel free to do so – it will make everyone’s time there more enjoyable.
  • Put a label with your name on it on your lawn chairs, flashlights, and dishes – we invariably have things left behind each year.  We’ll have some small labels at the sign-in desk for you in case you forget.
  • We *are* on a lake, and there is a pool next door.  BE SURE to keep an eye on all the smaller children (even if they aren’t yours) and make sure they don’t wander.
  • Don’t let the older kids set branches or sticks on fire.  We don’t need a forest fire, and this is pretty much the only rule where we have zero tolerance.  In case the unthinkable happens, sound an alarm – we have hoses ready to douse any flames.

BEST OF ALL, Daylight Saving Time ends the Sunday morning after the barn party, so you get an extra hour Saturday night.  When you look at your watch at the party and it says “9:00”, go ahead and set it back to “8:00”, and enjoy the party a bit longer.

See you November 3!

Rick and Sarah Weaver