2012 Senior Spokesmodels Wanted!!!

Partner with Dreamweaver Artists to get many free benefits and discounts on your Senior Portraits.

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What is the Senior Model Program?

In a nutshell, our spokesmodel program gives you up to three free sessions (up to a $400 value) and allows you to earn money, prizes, and discounts on your senior portraits that we take for you. You agree to have us take your senior portraits and purchase the minimum portrait package of $375, toward which your spokesmodel program discounts will apply.

All you do is to fill out an online application and you will be invited for a test photo session and in-person interview where all requirements of the program are explained.

If you are approved to be a spokesmodel, we will conduct a free spokesmodel session and you will receive personalized portrait cards to give away which refer other seniors to us. Each referred senior that purchases a portrait package earns you 1 point and $20 toward your senior portrait package. Points are used for cash rewards and other prizes.

The Three Free Sessions

1. The spokesmodel session, valued up to $100, at which images will be taken for your spokesmodel cards. These cards are replenished as needed when you run out of them. The back of these cards includes a special offer (a 1/2 price session plus 8 free wallets) for the recipient to come to Dreamweaver Artists for senior portraits.

2. The senior session, valued up to $100, at which you have your senior portraits made. This session should occur during the summer before your senior year. Any of the senior sessions can be chosen (up to a $100 value). There is a minimum purchase requirement of $375 in wall art or albums (ImageTotes or ImageJewelry do not count toward this $375).

3. The optional family session, which can be scheduled at any time during the school year. This is an additional savings of up to $200. Extended family is welcome on this session. A minimum purchase of $199 is required if this session is used. You are not required to take advantage of this session.

The Spokesmodel Cards

These custom created spokesmodel cards are free, to hand out to everyone you know. This offer is valued at over $300. We give you a continual supply all the way up to graduation. The cards are a great way for you to show off your images and share their “senior portrait experience” with your friends. On the back of these cards there is a special free offer for the spokesmodel’s friends to come to our studio.

Each and every time someone comes to us and buys a senior portrait package, and they show the spokesmodel’s card, they get a special deal, and the spokesmodel gets rewarded as well. Every time someone presents your card to us at the time of their senior package purchase, you earn one point and a $20 photo credit good toward any purchases here at the studio. The point rewards range from a 25% discount at 5 points to a free laptop or flat-panel TV at 20 points.

Why be a model?

1. The spokesmodel’s photos will be featured on our Facebook pages, our web site, and in various other advertising flyers, emails, and our shows around town.
2. Spokesmodels get free images for Facebook through the year, along with custom ads and/or slideshows (over a $200 value).
3. Spokesmodels get three free photo sessions (over a $300 value).
4. Spokesmodels get free custom model cards (over a $300 value).
5. Spokesmodels get the best senior portraits at their school (priceless).

What you need to do to become a Senior Model

We are looking for spokesmodels of all shapes, sizes, and looks. Only a limited number will be accepted from any given school, so apply now! Just go to our online application here, enter the information we need to be able to process your application, and we will call you for an interview.

Upon approval as a spokesmodel, a $100 deposit toward your senior portrait package is required. There is a contract for you to sign (as well as your parents if you are under 18), that spells out what is required and allows us to use your images for advertising our studio’s senior portraits.

Click here to fill out our online application!


IMPORTANT: What the Senior Spokesmodel Program is NOT

Our spokesmodel program is not one of those programs where you pay us money, and we promise you exposure and try to get you into modeling agencies. We do not “market” you to anyone. We cannot promise you and will not solicit modeling jobs for you with any other agency or any other photographer.

While our senior model program will not market you as a model to anyone, if you wish to break into modeling, you can certainly list your time with us on your resume, and you can also purchase headshot packages from us as well that give you images to place in your portfolio.

If what you are looking for is a program to market you as a model to agencies or other businesses, this is not it.

In this program you work for us and you get the rewards mentioned above as you bring us other seniors to have their portraits made.

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